Wedding Dress on A Budget


Hello… I would like to get your advise whether someone or some friend might have had an experience having their wedding gowns made in shops here in Dubai? Satwa/ Meena bazaar tailors? It would be very helpful if you could advise me.

Thank you!:stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Ice.

Welcome to Bride Club ME :stuck_out_tongue: What is your budget? Then we can suggest!


Thank you…

Well, if possible to get a dress below 4-5k? :D I’m not looking for anything extravagant… a tailor made is really preferred…

I read on the net (though I am not sure of the quality) they can even get less than 1k… but I am a bit hesitant.

Please advise, thank you so much! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Ice ,Why dont you get Wedding dress Online ?There are various Online shopping websites which gives exclusive offers on dresses .They also provide affordable shipping charges .


hi, I had 2 friends who got it tailored in Satwa unfortunately it was not good and too much hassle. if you are still looking check out designerbudgetbridaluae on instagram, she has great collection from European designers. also in bridal shops they run sales at times! good luck

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I personally wouldn’t suggest buying a wedding dress online. I sew costumes as a hobby, and honestly – I wouldn’t trust the quality of dresses from a lot of web pages. Plus, if you decide to buy from a trusted bridal web page, I think it is a massive risk buying the dress for your big day without trying it on first.

I spent about 4,000 dhs for my dress and veil. My dress is from the Disney Fairytale Collection by Alfred Angelo. I ended up buying mine from a boutique in Australia because it was more convenient for me, but I know The Wedding Shop in Jumeirah also have Alfred Angelo dresses. I tried on quite a few dresses, and honestly for the price I found Alfred Angelo have a very high quality range (yes, they have non-Disney dresses too!). The other dresses I tried on, which were of similar style/quality, were 3 or 4 times the price.

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Check out our vendor club for a list of bridal boutiques and designers! Barbaranne at Moirai Style is pretty awesome when it comes to designing and tailoring unique gowns!