Forum Rules – These are to be followed at all times

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These are the forum rules & guidance as defined by Bride Club Me.

  • Respect the rules and regulations of the UAE and the GCC

  • Do not insult members of the ruling families or locals

  • Do not use profanities – use of offensive swear words or sexual comments will result in immediate deletion of your profile and a permanent ban from the site

  • Bullying in any form is not tolerated, we are a club of friends – don’t be mean!:x

  • Spam and unsolicited promotions of competitor magazines, commercial, websites businesses and personal blogs are not allowed. If you are interested in using our website for advertising and promotional purposes we will gladly assist, please email [email protected] to discuss further.

  • “Trolling” or posting for the purposes of creating drama or conflict is not acceptable and will result in an immediate ban from our site. We have monitors on the site who will act accordingly.

  • Posting photos should be done with consideration and discretion. Do not post pictures of people who are unaware that you are using them. If you are unsure whether it is okay to use a certain photo, please ask the photographer or publisher prior to using it.

  • The Bride Club ME forum is moderated by staff and volunteers.

Disclaimer: The site and forum moderators reserve the right to modify or delete any inappropriate content on the forums without prior notification.