Forum Privacy Policy

(Adam) #1 is gravely committed to safeguarding your privacy while you are on our site. This privacy policy elaborates upon how your information is collected and exactly how it is used by us for our own internal purpose and to your benefit.

Information you provide:

  1. All information on the website except the forum is freely available and completely accessible to all users without registration.
  2. Commenting, reading, leaving a message will also be freely available without registration.
  3. In order to receive newsletters, promotions, sweepstakes news, discount and sales information, you will have to register. Click here for registration. Information provided by you will not be revealed nor will your identity be used to publish posts or messages.
  4. We offer to run various special advertiser-sponsored promotions such as sweepstakes or special discounts. Any information you provide as part of an advertising promotion may be provided to the sponsoring advertiser. These will be clearly marked and segmented as promotions for you clear understanding and you are free to decide whether you want to share your personal details.
  5. To receive the newsletter you must provide us with a valid email address which can be removed from our email newsletter mailing list if you choose not to receive any further newsletters.
  6. Lastly, if you violate our posted forum rules and regulations, we may contact you privately.

We use your information:

  1. Information you provide is used for our self-development processes. We take great pleasure in self-improvement in the case of content, customization and updates.
  2. We monitor visits on our website in order to determine the nature of content/information most viewed by our readers. This helps us in enhancing our own service.
  3. We do not examine users individually but keep an overall tab on what is viewed the most.

Collection of information:

We collect information in two types of technical methods.

  1. Cookie- It’s a safe data file which will be sent to your hard drive when you log on to our website. This will be used to recognise you on your future visits to our website. Cookies cannot do any kind of harm to your computer against your will and permission.
  2. IP address- This is the second method. Your unique IP address (your computer’s personal signature) will be logged into our system. This will give us an idea of the various locations from where we have visitors to our website.

Protect personal information:

  1. We will make sure that information provided by you remains private and accessible to no one else. Please keep in mind that, any information posted by you as part of comments/posts on the website will be available to everyone viewing that particular page and we cannot be held responsible to anything posted publically.

Your acceptance of these terms:

By using this website, you confirm to the privacy policy of If you do not accept these policies, kindly do not use this website. We reserve the right to change this policy from time to time, so please keep up-to-date and check periodically. Your continued and prolonged usage of the website will automatically mean that you accept these changes.

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